Interested in becoming a BPI tutor?

Read below to find out if you meet the requirements to be a BPI tutor. Ready to apply? Attend one of our information sessions, click here to find our event schedule. If you are unable to make our information sessions, contact Katlin for a meeting with some times you are available during the week.

Requirements for Tutoring

The minimum age to enter the prisons is twenty-one years old. Students turning 21 in March or October should apply in the previous semester. E.g. if you are turning 21 in October 2017 (Fall), you should begin your application to become a tutor in Fall 2017 during the Spring 2017 semester.

Time commitment: Tutors are required to commit a 6-hour block of time once a week. Tutoring sessions last 2 hours. The 6 hours stipulated time covers the driving distance of BPI’s furthest facility.

Subjects: We do not have content-based tutors for subjects in the humanities.  If you are majoring in a humanities subject, you will be a writing tutor.  We have students tutoring all levels of math, computer science, foreign languages (Spanish, Chinese, German), and the sciences (except chemistry). We do not offer tutoring for studio arts or music.

Responsibilities: Tutoring is a weekly commitment, and tutors begin as soon as they are cleared to enter the facility. By volunteering to tutor for BPI, tutors are promising to honor their weekly commitment.

All BPI tutors are required to attend monthly workshops that address everything specific to tutoring for BPI and general tutoring pedagogy. These workshops are run jointly by Delia Mellis, BPI’s Director of Academic Resources, and the Bard Learning Commons.

Tutors are also required to complete session summary forms.

Still have more questions? Please check out our frequently asked questions page, or feel free to contact us.

If you’re able to commit your time and take on these responsibilities, we would love to have you! Please visit our events page to find out the dates of our information sessions, or contact us for a meeting.