How to Apply

Application Process

Please Email Katlin ( for the volunteer application materials.

1. Volunteer application & government issued ID
Please print and fill out the application in its entirety. You can fill out the application electronically if you choose, but all signatures must be done by hand.

When you finish the application, bring it with you to your interview as well as your government issued ID (passport, drivers license, etc.) with you.

Notes on the application:

You are required to fill in the “Report of Interview Section” questions 1-8 only.

Having a criminal record does not automatically prohibit you from being a tutor. Please fill in the criminal history section honestly.  The Department of Corrections will run a full background check, so if you don’t write it down they’ll find out anyways (which could be more problematic than you just being honest about it in the first place.)

Signatures must be done by hand, everything else can be done electronically.

2. Schedule an Interview
If you plan on tutoring writing, email Delia Mellis ( and Alex Pearl ( with several times and dates that you are available. The interview will take between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

3. TB test
You must get a TB test.  You can get this done over the summer with your own health care provider, or Health Services will do it for free if you tell them you’re with BPI.


By Friday, April 21st, you must bring your completed application and government issued ID to your interview with Delia and Alex.

After the second round of registration for Fall 2017, a scheduling form will be sent out to you which must be filled out by by Tuesday, May 23rd.

In the first week of the spring semester, you must turn in proof of your TB test, in addition to sending us your availability and car status. (Do you have a license/car? Are you a Bard driver?)

Please email Katlin ( with any questions.